Entering the 2016 MLS offseason was one of great uncertainty and stress. After my four year career with MLS’ Columbus Crew SC, I began my first offseason without a team, a job, and assurance. While there were numerous opportunities and teams for me to join, I decided that the opportunity with MLS’ Chicago Fire best suited me. The only issue being, that with a brand new general manager, coach, and staff, they wanted to see me play in person before making a decision on whether to offer me a contract or not. A glorified “tryout,” one may say. The issue with a trial at the professional level is that if you are not signed, you do not have a means to make a living. I needed to be in the best shape of my life. I had to be as physically and mentally prepared as possible going into the preseason. I wanted to be the fastest, strongest, and most agile I had ever been, in order to prove my worth, and continue to make a living playing the sport that I love. It is through Nick Showman and Showtime Strength and Performance, that I was able to do just that. In three short weeks, Nick worked tirelessly with me to prepare me for the most trying moments of my career. While there was no shortage of hard work on my part, I would not have been successful had it not been for Nick’s guidance, drive, and intelligently designed programs. We are now two months into the season, and I am one of just twenty starting goalkeepers in the MLS. Not only was Nick able to prepare me to earn a contract, he was able to prepare me to win the starting job. I owe a great deal of my success to Nick and Showtime Strength and Performance for all he has done, and I would not be where I am without him.

Matt Lampson, Goalkeeper Chicago Fire Soccer Club #28, Major League Soccer


Showtime Strength and Performance sets the bar for improving athletic performance and fitness program development! I am a sports medicine physical therapist and I don't hesitate sending any of my patients to this facility for starting a fitness or sport performance program.

Justin Weisbrod, Cornerstone Physical Therapy, Owner


Nick Showman stands for everything that is right about the coaching profession. Nick built his business the same way he has built his reputation; with integrity and a selfless drive to provide the best environment for improvement. Training at Showtime Strength & Performance will always be a safe, positive, and goal-oriented environment for athletes of all levels and abilities. Nick Showman has an unrelenting drive to learn and improve as a coach for the undeniable benefit of his athletes and clients. Nick has taken a holistic approach to sports performance training and provides a comprehensive training system for athletes of all ages and sports. Through open communication strategies, Nick evaluates the needs of the athlete and the requirements of their sport to individualize training even in a small group or team setting. I wholeheartedly recommend Nick Showman, without reservation, to train any athlete willing to communicate goals and work extremely hard.

Mark Watts, Director of Education at Elite FTS


If you're looking for the best training program for your son or daughter, Showtime is for you. As a physiologist, professional coach, and father of six sons, I was looking for quality training program that would provide our sons with the physical and mental edge that would help them excel in their chosen sport. My sons have been working with Nick for a number of years. The program at Showtime has all the markers of a quality training program that is age developmentally centered, takes into account the athlete's physical and emotional needs, and keeps it fun for the kids. This program reflects an integrated approach that is fun, relevant, and productive. As a family, we've been completely satisfied with our sons' experience at Showtime. We couldn't recommend it more highly.

Gregg Parini, Denison University Head Swim Coach